Ways To Bring Down Your Wedding Costs

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The Royal Wedding, Celebrity Weddings, and the Fairytale dream come true.
Sure, we all want to have this but for many, one word gets in the way, budget! Elegant and beautiful weddings do not always necessarily mean expensive.
There are many cost saving ideas you can come up with along the way.
Bring the Wedding Dress Down a Notch: Today, you can find many gorgeous gowns for some great deals.
Just search the Internet one evening and you will be amazed by what you find.
If you are not one to order on-line then visit area bridal stores and large chain department stores and see what they have to offer.
Visit consignment, vintage or rental stores because you may find very expensive gowns turned in by past brides for a fraction of the cost.
Do It Yourself - There are many areas that you can do yourself or with a little help from friends and family.
Make your own cupcakes, favours, centerpieces and even invitations.
Social media sites offer an abundance of suggestions and ideas to choose from.
Avoid the High Season - Getting married from May - October can come with a premium price.
Many vendors are extremely busy and may not offer any discounts during this time frame.
Friday or Sunday weddings though could be an alternate idea and one area many brides don't think about is "double dipping".
Find out if the venue you selected has a wedding the night before and see who the decorator is.
Perhaps you can work with that decorator on using some of the same items or they may give you a discount if both events are in the same location as tear down costs would be less expensive.
Timing for Select Vendors - When booking your DJ/Band, Photographer or Videographer ask what prices are based on ie: hours.
If this does make a difference then look at the packages they offer and see if it you can minimize their hours to fit within your wedding schedule.
Let them eat cake - Cake cutting fee's may apply at many venues so perhaps a cupcake wedding cake is the best choice for you.
If you are the bride that only wants a wedding cake then consider the size you order to bring down the cost.
The more detail and design on your cake equals more labour and higher costs.
A simple and elegant cake is best.
Beauty of Flowers - this is one area than can be very expensive depending on the type of flowers you select and if you want an abundance of them for the reception.
Perhaps not every table needs a floral arrangement.
In fact, it looks better to alternate centerpieces and flowers so it is not overpowering.
The bridal party could carry a simple rose with baby breaths and the bride could choose one made out of brooches that can be kept as a keepsake..
Food and Beverage - this is one of the biggest cost of your wedding reception.
If you are offering an open bar then keep it stocked with standard products only and forgo the butler passed champagne.
Lobster and steak is not for everyone so choose an entree that is mid range in price yet plentiful.
Don't serve a plated dessert if you are having a wedding cake and sweet table.
These are just some ideas for you to consider.
You know what your budget is and how much you can spend on each area.
Don't get caught wanting the Royal Wedding to find out you can only afford a small portion of it.
It will be very discouraging for you.
We all tend to forget what the wedding is really about...
love, family, happiness and becoming one.
All the rest are just material things that in the end really do not matter.
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