Moisturizing contact lenses

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Moisturizing Contact Lenses- the most recent Invention In Ophthalmology

Invention of contacts can be simply thought about as revolutionary innovation in the discipline of ophthalmology. For all those folks that detest wearing glasses, avail the choice of contact lenses. Though contact lenses have a lot of benefits; it has its share of disadvantages too. One major complication with contact lenses is that causes drying of eyes and hence results in a lot of irritation in the eyes.

To conquer the dryness caused by contact lenses, moisturizing contact lenses have been introduced by various companies. As per latest studies and research, these lenses are equipped with self moisturizing abilities. Studies also state that these lenses can be made available commercially. Dry eyes are one of the most notable reasons why many of us were apprehensive about using contacts. But you needn't fret about this problem any more. There are a few moisturizing contact lenses that will help you get rid of this problem.

The sense behind these new sort of contacts is that they themselves can carry the moisturizer which will be steadily released in the eye to prevent dehydration of the eye and lens itself. This is achieved be putting a layer of moisturising agent on the lens itself. As you blink, the coating of the lens gets dissolved at a very slow speed and when it comes in contact with the eye, it acts as the hydrating agent.

Earlier wearing contact lenses at places like sports bar or a barbeque was a total no no. Such places usually have either a particularly dry or a particularly hazy atmosphere. As a result it becomes exceedingly difficult to wear contact lenses at such places for the obvious reason of drying of eyes. The situation may aggravate to a point that you might need to hydrate your eyes by putting in saline hydrating solution in every 30 minutes interval. However in such situations, moisturizing contact lenses offer great cessation. They may be easily worn anywhere without making you worry that your eyes may get dried.

The industry of eye care products is increasingly manufacturing such contacts keeping the spending power of folks in mind. In reality almost all of the good brands are coming up with a range of moisturizing contacts which are terribly pocket friendly. So, purchasing such lenses doesn't appear to be a particularly far fetched option anymore. Some moisturizing contact lenses that are seriously popular and affordable are Bausch & Lomb and CIBA Vision contacts. Another good product is Focus Dailies with Aqua Release. Efforts are also being done to create coloured contact lenses which have the above stated moisturizing potential.

Anyone who has used contact lenses is well versed with the nuisance of dryness of eyes. But you do not have to cope with these problems any longer as moisturizing contacts come to your rescue.
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