Product Review: Armor All Glass Wipes

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There is nothing worse than dirty glass, but there are not a lot of easy solutions. Are you supposed to keep spray glass cleaner and paper towels in your car at all times? How do you keep your windows clean in an easy and efficient manner? Armor All Glass Wipes just might save the day.

Real World Testing

Recently I decided to wash my car in front of my new house. One thing I didn't know about the area where my new house is located was that the water is very hard.

I found out this fact when I washed my car and noticed hard water spots all over the glass. I was able to use a chamois to get the excess water off the car but the spots remained on the glass. It was a shame to wash the car only to have what looks like filthy windows. I had been wanting to try the Armor All Glass Wipes for awhile and this was a perfect opportunity. The wipes are handy because they come in a re-sealable container and can be kept in your car at all times. Perfect for any time you have dirty windows. I thought I would try them out on the hard water deposits left after I washed the car. They worked perfectly. Just look at the pictures to see the before and after. The Armor All Glass Wipes are a great product to keep in your car for wiping the glass, either on the inside or the outside. The container will store easily and the wipes come out one at a time for easy convenience. A great product.
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