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If you are looking for a social media-monitoring tool, know that Lithium stands strong as one of the best. Whether it is functionality or technology or the features that you want to look at, this tool will score very high. You can act immediately with this tool and use the features in your favor in order to set up a very successful social media campaign. With this tool, you can identify who your key influencers are in the beginning itself. This feature will help you oodles later on because you will know who you are targeting. Hence, social media optimization will be easier.

This tool also allows you to take control of the social media campaign, whether it is Tweeting or posting on social media sites such as Facebook. Hence, more and more people will know about your brand and will be influenced by it in the right way. As aforementioned, the features of this tool are simply outstanding. The technology is the best you could ask for and thus, you can easily identify your key publics, thereby strengthening your social media campaign. You can always take aid of Lithium consultants to do the job for you.

One great feature of this tool that sets it apart from other similar tools is the fact that the users can be unlimited. Other tools limit the number of users and thus they are not flexible. Also, Lithium allows fifty searches. Others allow less. This flexibility makes it easier for you to make your presence in the social media felt. You can, not just manage your presence easily but also monitor it in-depth.

This might seem pricey to you but when you look at the features you will realize that it worth the price. Also, you should look at it as a one-time investment. You only have to spend initially when you make your purchase. After that, this tool will only help you save money. Just make sure that you purchase it from the right site such as Alscient so that you are on the safe side and are charged appropriately.

The workflow capability of this tool is also outstanding. Whether you market your product locally or internationally and whether you get two mentions a day or two thousand, know that the workflow is extremely smooth. This tool will not restrict the number of people going through the mentions and the conversation relating to your brand or product. The tool also allows you to save mentions if you like to so that you can analyze them in the future. You can also make notes or change the setting based on your requirements.

Another great benefit of this tool is that it is very efficient. When you search for any information, it will work in real-time and filter through duplicates, ploys, and spam before giving you the results. Fifty searches are enough to help you search extensively. If your keywords are specific, it is much better because the tool will be more efficient. Thus, this is the right tool for you. The services offered are great and it is well-worth investing in. Hire Lithium consultants to do the set up for you so that you are on the safe side and everything is done easily.
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