Belly Pudge - How to Lose It

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The belly pudge can be one of the more problematic areas on the body.
In the winter, we keep it hidden under our jeans and long sweaters but in the summertime, it is exposed in swimsuits and short shorts.
What can we do to lose the belly pudge once and for all, or at least until winter comes back? 1) Exercise.
I know, the dreaded "E word".
But studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise does reduce body fat and really, that's all the pudge is.
So reduce the number of ab crunches you are doing.
Those will not help you very much to lose fat, but they will make the muscles below nice and tight for when the fat is gone.
Instead, do more time on the treadmill walking briskly or running, or hop on the elliptical and work up a sweat.
2) Eat green things.
It's kind of hard to think of a green food you can eat and have it be bad for you.
Notice I didn't say "drink" because that is another story.
the Irish.
Anyway, eat green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, zucchini, romaine lettuce and peppers.
All of these nutrient-rich foods will provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs.
Once your body feels satisfied in what you are providing, it will release the fat knowing it doesn't need to store it for energy anymore.
Eat your greens and your body will reward you.
3) Reduce stress.
Easier said that done, right? I know, I know, we live in very stressful times.
We have kids and jobs and boyfriends and husbands and mother-in-laws...
We can't always make our brains stop enough to let us relax, and we feel like we can't control our thinking.
If you try a stress management technique like meditation, deep breathing or self-hypnosis, you will start to gain control of the chaos.
It wont happen the first time or maybe in the first week, but at some point, you will train your body to relax, calm down and give you the break you need.
This will help your body fat because scientists have proven that stress releases excess cortisol which wreaks havoc on fat storage.
Try these three tips to lose the belly pudge and get control of your waistline.
With a flat belly and toned abs, you wont want summer to end.
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