Want to Find Sensitive Skin Care Products?

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When looking for sensitive skin care products, you should be careful and make sure you know your skin type.
It may be possible that if you buy products designed for a different type of skin, irritation could occur.
Knowing your skin type will allow you to take proper care of you skin as well as purchase the proper products.
You can self-test yourself to discover the type of skin you have.
Shortly after you get up in the morning, wipe your face with a plain tissue.
If there is oil on it, then it is likely that you have oily skin.
If you find oil on the center panel, it is likely that you have combination skin.
If you find no oil on the tissue, you have either dry or normal skin.
To check to see if you have dry skin, just cleanse your face with non-greasy soap and water.
After a few minutes if your skin feels tight, you have dry skin.
If nothing happens than you have normal skin.
You are assumed to have sensitive skin when your skin is irritated and you experience allergies and itchiness.
Confused? Don't feel too bad a lot of people get confused.
You should be able to use any product right? No it's wrong.
The reason for this is because various products will have different ingredients in them.
Before I get into specific ingredients, I want to give you a few facts about manufacturers.
There is countless number of skin care products on the market today.
The packing is bright, containers are uniquely shaped or very simple and you see or read about them in various media.
So much time and money goes into getting the product out to the public quickly that it might not be as thoroughly researched as it should be.
Manufacturers' also put just enough of the beneficial properties in their product just to be able to list them on label.
This leaves the public thinking they are getting a great product when it's not always true.
As you know, we put skin products all over our bodies and it is absorbed into the skin.
Read your product labels.
There are ingredients that sound really good when in fact they could be very harmful.
Dioxane is a synthetic derivative of coconut.
It is put in products of a high 1,4 concentration.
Dioxane is easily absorbed into the skin.
Unfortunately, in the state of California it is well-known that Dioxane causes cancer.
Parabens including methyl, butyl and ethyl paraben is used to extend the shelf life of their product.
Studies have shown that parabens can be carcinogenic and interfere with the endocrine system.
They can cause allergies and rashes as well.
Mineral oil (liquid paraffin, paraffin wax, and petrolatum) on the skin blocks the pores and prevent your skin from "breathing" and from getting rid of toxins.
This can lead to increased acne flare-ups.
With long-term use, your skin can become "dependent on it and become chapped, dry, and show signs of early aging.
Alcohols including ethanol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol are harmful to the skin, Your skin will become dry and irritated.
They destroy the natural acid mantle of the skin leaving your more sensitive to moulds, bacteria, and viruses.
Fragrances make the product smell wonderful but they aren't necessary.
Many fragrances are known to be made with substances that are known to be toxic.
They are also made with substances that are known to be carcinogenic.
A light spray of perfume or body spray will give you all the fragrance you need.
It is shocking that manufacturers' knowingly put this stuff in their products.
We are unwittingly putting these products on our bodies.
This is true for all skin care products including sensitive skin care products.
The news isn't all bad though.
There are very effective natural ingredients that are put into some skin care products.
Phytessence Wakame is a kelp that is native to the Japanese Sea.
It blocks the enzyme hyaluronidase which attacks and destroys hyaluronic acid in your skin.
Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the collagen and elastin fibers together.
Without it, your skin would sag, you'd get dark circles under your eyes, and wrinkles will begin to appear.
Coenzyme Q10 is also called CoQ10.
It is a very strong antioxidant that destroys free radicals before they can do any damage.
It is akin to vitamin substances in all body cells and is necessary for healthy skin.
CoQ10 comes in a number of forms and it cannot penetrate the skin.
The nano-emulsified form Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 however can very easily be absorbed into the skin - up to 7 layers deep.
There is a new substance that is proving very beneficial for your skin.
Cynergy TK works to get your body to grow its own collagen and elastin again.
This keeps your skin firm and flexible (your skin can return to the original position after being stretched).
It also preserves the skins necessary natural moisture.
Phytessence Wakame, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, and Cynergy TK together make the strongest available skin care compound.
They should be present in a product in high concentrations to provide the best benefits.
The above trios of ingredients are natural and should be found in sensitive skin care products as well as regular products.
Being an informed consumer can actually give you brighter and younger looking skin.
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