Triathlon Training For Beginners - Dispelling Popular Training Strategies

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There is a ton of information out there for the triathlon newbie, it is no longer a fringe sport, and everyone has an opinion on triathlon training for beginners.
This article will be focused on some highly recommended training strategies that our just flat out not important and could lead to injury and burnout.
Myth number one speed work For the average triathlon athlete you never are going to go very fast in any of the three sports.
When you conduct your workouts at anaerobic heart rates they provide minimal benefits in exchange for the large amount of effort and energy that you have to expend.
This can cause overtraining and burnout, quite possibly injury.
The most important focus that you have is to build your aerobic base, yet it quite often is glossed over in triathlon training for beginners and triathlon training plans all together.
A fatal mistake for the person who is trying get better year on year.
Which I think most of us are trying to do; these types of workouts should be exclusively for the athlete who has build a massive aerobic base.
So lesson here is focus on building your base, and never stop.
Myth number two strength training Of course they can be quantifiable benefits for the endurance athlete to strength train.
However for the amount of energy expended during a workout, triathlon training for beginners especially should stick to the main 3 sports, transitions, and nutrition.
Lifting weights in the gym gets you good at lifting weights in the gym, you want to build your bike power in the winter, get on your trainer, swim strength get in the pool, and running, well run duh.
Myth number three acclimatization Acclimatization for the beginner triathlete shouldn't even be discussed.
This is only important if traveling to a foreign country or somewhere where the weather is extremely different than yours.
How is this even possible for most people who live normal lives? Triathlon training for beginners should be kept simple, easy to execute within reason, and kept to the basics.
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