3 Ways to Know When You Are Addicted to Masturbation

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If you are looking for a way to know when you are addicted to masturbation, then this article is for you! Masturbation becomes an addiction when it is practiced on a daily basis or when it gains control over you.
This article has provided three ways to help you know when you are potentially addicted to masturbation.
Welcome on board! To get started, find out what your mind tells you each time you deliberately or accidentally come across a pornographic material or the opposite sex.
Whenever you do this, try to listen to your subconscious mind and find out if it wants to retain the pictures on the porn material or the image of the opposite sex for a later review.
If you are addicted, the idea is that your mind would want keep the pictures and images within so it can recall them later; which definitely will push you into masturbating.
Find out if you normally use masturbation as a switch to other personal activities.
Your reaction after masturbation has a lot to do with this! This idea is not only a thought but a practice carried out by people from time to time.
In most cases, people masturbate before they have sex with their partners, or prepare for a task; they do this because they feel it gives them an advantage of strengthening their body system.
If you find yourself in this category, then you are certainly addicted to masturbation! Lastly study yourself whenever you are lonely in a room or isolated.
This step has proven to be the easiest way of detecting addiction to masturbation; this is because your mind when isolated tends to recall the past dealing it had including the sexual aspect.
It searches for the pornographic pictures or other sexually related materials it had seen and once it catches these pictures or images, it will relay them to your body system which of course will push you into masturbating.
When you study yourself under this condition, you certainly will find out if you are addicted to masturbation or not.
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