1930s Themed Birthday Ideas

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    • A vintage gangster look is ideal for a 1930s party.Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

      The 1930s were a time that many people needed an escape from their daily lives and ended up spending much of their time in front of the television and in movie houses. The characters of the era were a welcome distraction from the stock market crash and the depression that was happening with the economy. If you are throwing a 1930s party, the news and characters of the time should provide you with a number of fun ideas.

    Join the Mob

    • Many historians refer to the 1930s as "The Dirty Thirties" based on the amount of organized crime that took place during the era. Jimmy Hoffa and Al Capone ruled the streets of many big cities and they did so with swanky pin-striped suits, tommy guns and while spending time with ladies of the night who work skimpy, lacy dresses. To create an authentic look, find a car from the era that you can park at the party. Decorate your space like a nightclub and serve drinks such as martinis in elegant stemware. Music should be bold and brassy and fun to dance to.

    Be a Character

    • Have your guests come dressed as a popular character from the era. Choices include Popeye and his friends, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Superman and Lois Lane, Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy and a number of famous actors and actresses. Creativity is the key here and people may be more encouraged to go all out if there is a contest for best-dressed during the birthday party. Decorate with bright comic book-style decor and characters to create a fun vibe. Fashion an old movie theater-style marquis and hang it outside of the venue for guests to look at. Feature the birthday boy or girl as the main star.

    Spend Time at the Office

    • Decorate your space with old desks if you have them and a water cooler with a glass bottle if you can find one at a thrift or antique store. Decorate walls with images of old logos and old products and advertisements from the era. An old typewriter makes a fun prop as well. A fun friend can be a sexy secretary and your male friends can wear thin ties and pressed suits with suspenders and patent leather shoes. Serve classy drinks and play jazzy tunes to really keep "the office party" jumping. For a birthday cake, have headlines from the past printed on the cake at a local bakery.

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