Online Data Entry and Data Mining Services

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Data entry job involves transcribing a particular type of data into some other form. It can be either online or offline. The input data may include printed documents like Application forms, survey forms, registration forms, handwritten documents etc.

Data entry process is an inevitable part of the job to any organization. One way or other each organization demands data entry. Data entry skills vary depends upon the nature of the job requirement, in some cases data to be entered from a hard copy formats and in some other cases data to be entered directly into a web portal. Online data entry job generally requires the data to be entered in to any online data base.
For a super market, data associate might be required to enter the goods which have sold in a particular day and the new goods received in a particular day to maintain the stock well in order. Also, by doing this the concerned authorities will get an idea about the sale particulars of each commodity as they requires. In another example, an office the account executive might be required to input the day to day expenses in to the online accounting database in order to keep the account well in order.

The aim of the data mining process is to collect the information from reliable online sources as per the requirement of the customer and convert it to a structured format for the further use. The major source of data mining is any of the internet search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, MSN etc. Many search engines such as Google and Bing provide customized results based on the user's activity history. Based on our keyword search, the search engine lists the details of the websites from where we can gather the details as per our requirement.

Collect the data from the online sources such as Company Name, Contact Person, Profile of the Company, Contact Phone Number of Email ID Etc. are doing for the marketing activities. Once the data is gathered from the online sources into a structured format, the marketing authorities will start their marketing promotions by calling or emailing the concerned persons, which may result to create a new customer. So basically data mining is playing a vital role in today's business expansions. By outsourcing the data entry and its related works, you can save the cost that would be incurred in setting up the necessary infrastructure and employee cost.
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