How to Make a Puking Halloween Pumpkin

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    • 1). Using a medium to large pumpkin, cut a circle around the stem to create a top. Make it large enough to be able to reach into the pumpkin.

    • 2). Fill a large bowl with everything from inside the pumpkin. Do not throw anything away because the more of the insides you have, the better. Set the bowl aside for the time being.

    • 3). Use a marker to design the pumpkin's face. Make the mouth pretty wide to showcase the actions of this pumpkin.

    • 4). Carve out the face. The emphasis will mainly be on the puke, so keep the eyes simple or you can try to show the expressiveness of somebody throwing up.

    • 5). Set the pumpkin up where you will be displaying it. Take the insides of the pumpkin and begin placing them as if they were coming out of the pumpkin's mouth. Drape some of the insides over the steps as if it is flowing down.

    • 6). Keep all of the insides connected so it looks like a flow of puke.

    • 7). Mix in random things like pieces of candy corn, paper clips, or other odd objects that the pumpkin may have "eaten". Try not to add too much though or it may lose the effect. Set a candle in the pumpkin and light it so that visitors can see it clearly.

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