How to Install Antifreeze in a 1989 Chevy Celebrity Radiator

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      Parking in a level location will ensure you judge your fluid levels correctly.Parking Cone image by Dawn from

      Find a safe and level spot to park while you install antifreeze. Do not park where leaking antifreeze can drain away into sewers or puddles.

    • 2). Check the coolant level when the engine is cold by inspecting the see-through coolant overflow tank. Notice the marks on the tank for "ADD" and "FULL." The coolant should show around the "ADD" mark when the engine is cold. When the engine is warm the coolant level should be close to the "FULL" mark.

    • 3). Loosen and remove the radiator cap. The cap has a middle position that allows hot liquid and steam to escape without erupting and causing injury. Always move the cap to this middle position first before fully removing.

    • 4). Fill the radiator with antifreeze to the base of the radiator filler neck. Fill the overflow tank to the "FULL" mark.

    • 5). Leave the radiator cap off and start the engine. Allow it to idle until the upper radiator hose becomes hot. A hot upper radiator hose tells you the engine thermostat has opened and is working properly.

    • 6). The fluid level should have dropped slightly from the base of the filler neck. Install more antifreeze to the base of the filler neck while the engine is idling. Put the radiator cap back on. The arrows on the cap must point to the tube leading to the overflow tank.

    • 7). Turn off the engine and look for leaks in the hoses or from the radiator. Tighten the drain and drain plugs if you flushed or repaired the radiator.

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