Why I Eat Organic

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Ok, so there is a lot of controversy about organic food and non-organic! Well I can say for certain, where and when possible I always focus on eating organic produce, although I do not eat any meat, if I did this would also most certainly be organic.
Now before I start discussing the difference between organic and non-organic I want to outline that I know it is almost impossible to get pure organic produce anymore and that there is even more difference between organic farmed and wild naturally grown.
I also know that some farmers are happy to call there food organic even though they will fertilise it will manure from un-organic animals and quite often put heavy metals on the crops for faster growth.
But when I say organic I mean as fresh, unprocessed and wild as you can possibly get, with as little change from the way it grows in the wild as possible.
So the big question, what's the difference? 1.
Pesticides This is one thing that I don't think people seem to realise; the pesticides are designed to kill some of the toughest organisms on the planet insects.
Yet we manage to do a pretty good job of it will all the stuff we put on crops, now if you think that stuff put on crops to kill extremely resilient insects, bugs and microorganisms won't hurt your own body, you are severely mistaken! If you do want to avoid this, 95% of the pesticides we eat do come from animal produce, so the best away to avoid these is organic meat as it will drastically reduce the amount you are taking in.
Artifical fertilisers Now there is a big difference between making something grow big, looking juicy and in a short time, in contrast to making something grow full of nutrients high in anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
Because when you have soil with very little life and microorganisms keeping the soil fresh because of over farming, you have to use fertilisers, which allows the plants to grow (but it's like feeding a person blocks of lard, yes they will grow, but they will be unhealthy and fat with no energy).
Plants are the same, the fertilisers allow you to grow big empty shells of food, they will have all the calories, but they are blank inside, containing none or very little nutrients! Whereas organic produce can use the goodness in soil to grow and protect itself from insects with the anti-oxidants it produces, instead of needing pesticides.
We of course then eat these anti-oxidants which help protect us from illness and disease.
Meat Now there are quite a few reasons to eat organic free range meat, is you eat caged corn fed chicken, all you are eating is corn with some hormones added to make the chicken grow faster! Now if you eat organic free range chickens that get to walk around and eat insects, grass, weeds and what ever else they can find, you get all that goodness and you don't put any unnecessary hormones in your body.
There you have it, just a few reasons, there are many more of course, but above is some of the rationale why I focus on eating fresh organic produce!
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