How to Paint Wood Floors Black

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    • 1). For previously painted floors, scrape any loose or cracking paint. Use a medium grit sand paper to remove any glossy areas and smooth rough spots. Be sure to wear protective goggles and a face mask.

    • 2). Sweep the floor several times to remove dust and debris. Mix one part bleach to three parts water, and damp mop the floor. Continue to apply as the floor dries until the bleach mixture has set for at least 20 minutes. This mixture will kill any mildew spores that might be in the floor.

    • 3). After 20 minutes, mop the floor with a bucket of warm water and detergent. Rinse well with a fresh bucket of plain water. Allow the floor to dry completely.

    • 4). Using a roller, apply wood primer according to manufacturer's directions. Allow to dry as directed (normally 24 hours) and then apply latex-based floor paint in your choice of colors. Apply as many coats of paint as needed to get the coverage you want.

    • 5). After the paint has cured (again, normally 24 hours), apply two coats of water-based polyurethane to protect from wear and tear. Apply according to manufacturer's directions, allowing to dry as directed between coats.

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