Mafia DOS Games

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    Side-Scrolling Titles

    • Many DOS games used a side-on perspective with an emphasis on running and jumping to represent the action. These titles, also known as "Run-and-gun" games, were a popular way of converting movie licenses into video-game form, allowing designers to showcase the environments and action of the movie in the technology of the time. Two such titles are "The Godfather: The Action Game" and "The Untouchables." The former sees the protagonists of the "Godfather" movies negotiate levels based on the five decades represented in the movies, whereas the latter has players take on Al Capone's mafia as Elliot Ness and his crew.

    Top-Down Shooters

    • Many action games of the DOS era assumed a top-down perspective in order to place a heavier emphasis on shooting and fast movement rather than running and jumping. An early example was Sega's "Crack Down," which saw players take on the world of organized crime; a more recent title is the original "Grand Theft Auto," where players must move through the ranks of the organized crime world. As the title implies, "Grand Theft Auto" also allows players to commandeer vehicles.

    Strategy Games

    • The business of running a criminal empire is a methodical one in which brains count for just as much as a fast trigger finger. The strategy game "Crime Fighters" casts players as young characters seeking to build a reputation in the world of the mafia. Similarly, "The King of Chicago" takes place immediately after the fall of Al Capone and challenges players to prove themselves worthy of taking over the infamous gangster's empire.

    Driving Games

    • Many memorable scenes in mafia-themed movies feature police pursuits and high-speed chases. Video games represent this aspect of the Mafia world with games such as "Chicago 90," which offers the choice between playing as a Mafia wheel-man or a police pursuit car. Players must outrace or apprehend their foes to complete missions. Other titles featuring the mafia in high-speed pursuits include the movie spin-off "The Italian Job."

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