How to Install a Ruby VeriFone

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    • 1). Plug the RJ-45 cable connector into the back of the Ruby COM Port Terminal located on the back of the Ruby VeriFone terminal.

    • 2). Plug the other end of the cable into the "COM PORTS" receptacle of the PC.

    • 3). Plug one end of the network cable into the Sapphire router, and the other end into the computer's network card.

    • 4). Turn on the PC and monitor. Click on the "Start" menu.

    • 5). Select "Control Panel" and go to the "Network Connections" window. On Windows 7, the word "Net" must be entered in the search criteria before the "View Network Connections" option appears. Windows Vista and XP users must select "Classic View," click "Network and Sharing Center" and then click "Manage Network Connections."

    • 6). Right-click on "Local Area Connection" or "Local Internet Connection," and select "Properties."

    • 7). Click "Internet Protocol" (TCP/IP), and click "Properties."

    • 8). Select "Use the following IP address" and enter "" (all typing done without quotation marks) in the "IP Address" field. Enter "" in the "Subnet Mask" field, and "" in the "Default Gateway" field.

    • 9). Click on "Advanced," remove the check mark next to "Automatic Metric" and enter "2" in the "Internet Metric" field.

    • 10

      Run the Ruby VeriFone system to ensure that installation was successful. If unsuccessful, try entering the IP address again, or contact the manufacturer.

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