Acting Audition Advice - Prepare Your Self to Be a Super Model

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An acting audition is an important part of any actor's career, and could mean the difference between landing the job or not.
Here are a few tips that you should always follow in your acting auditions.
Even the most seasoned actor may find themselves nervous at their audition, but this is completely natural.
If you have been invited to the audition based on your resume then you will be able to practice the 'sides' they send you for the audition, meaning a few pages of script.
You may also need to practice a monologue if auditioning for theatre.
Preparation here really will help to calm some of your nerves.
When preparing for your audition read the script as carefully as you can.
Think about the character that you are going to play - where are they from, how old are they, what is their relationship with the other characters? It is probably best to start answering these questions before you even think about learning your lines.
This is the best way to really get the best out of your acting audition.
When you arrive ready to do your best you should probably warm up.
This will include vocal exercises and perhaps some stretches - whatever works for you.
You can also use this as a final opportunity to brush up on your lines.
As well as being prepared for the acting, you also want to make sure you look the part.
You can choose to wear clothes that match the character as well as the story to make your role even more convincing.
Though there is no need to go overboard for this.
Once you have arrived you will probably have to wait around for a while after signing in.
Try to stay focused rather than chatting with everyone else who is there waiting like you.
The process once your audition starts will depend on the specific casting director.
They may want to talk with you, or they may want to start the reading right away.
Once you get started imagine that you are in a true performance, and this will show through.
This is your one chance, so it is important you really convince the casting directors that you are the only one for this part.
Just make sure that you act like yourself.
There is no point in sucking up to the director as this will be extremely obvious.
So long as you are professional and polite you should do well.
Respect the space as well, even if you do lose yourself in the part! Once you have finished thank them for giving you the chance, and the director will let you know when to expect hear from them.
If the acting audition was successful then you will be asked back, and will be watched by perhaps more people.
You should put in the same performance to increase your chances.
Keep a record of all the auditions you take, and always ask yourself how you can keep improving.
Remember, everyone gets knocked back but the more auditions you do the better you will become!
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