Honda Accord 2003 LCD Problems

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    LCD Backlight

    • Honda's "Technical Service" bulletins indicate that one of the most frequently reported issues on the 2003 Accord involves LCD backlight failure. Numerous drivers have reported abrupt LCD backlight failure, complaining that the lighting on the radio display as well as the heater and air conditioner controls suddenly dimmed or failed entirely.

    Warning Signs

    • Although the LCD backlight may fail without warning, several symptoms may presage impending backlight failure. A dimly lit radio display and AC/heater settings at night are two of the warning signs. Prior to complete backlight failure, the LCD display on the radio or AC controls may work only intermittently.


    • Although Honda extended the factory warranty on the 2003 Accord LCD radio to seven years or 100,000 miles, your 2003 Accord is likely no longer under the extended warranty. To fix the radio/AC LCD problem, a new radio must be installed by your Honda dealer. Unfortunately, purchasing an aftermarket radio and installing it yourself will only fix the radio backlight problem and not the AC controls. The cost of a new factory radio is approximately $500 for parts and labor.

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