Do You Know The Secrets Of Getting The Most Affordable Auto Insurance?

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Getting hold of affordable auto insurance is not a luxury, rather, a compulsion for many.
But take heart.
Because the good news for you and the bad news for your broker is that there remains a little method you can apply to save up to 40% on your premium.
Let's start with the methods of saving little bits of money before going on to the method which will not only help you save almost 40% of your premium money, but which will also ensure sleepless nights for your greedy broker.
The following ideas will ensure that you save at least a few dollars or 5 to 7 percent every month.
If you follow these rigorously, your accumulated savings might well come up to 10% per month! o Ensure that your premium gets paid automatically every month.
Remember, that if your car insurance company can save the expense of sending you a detailed statement every month, it might be willing to be lenient in your premium percentages.
o Make sure that your car is safe at all times.
Avoid parking on the road or even your driveway for the night.
Get rid of the chances of theft or accidents by keeping it safe in your garage.
Making sure that your car is safe behind locked doors not only gives you peace of mind but also reduces the chances of collisions and vandalism.
This will ensure a reduced premium.
o Women are superior drivers.
As a result their premium rate is also lower than a man's.
If you are married, you can enlist your wife as the primary driver of each vehicle so that you get the benefit of thisscheme.
List yourself as the secondary driver in that case.
o The largest chunk of your premium pays for the mileage that your car notches up while you drive frantically to your office during the rush hour.
You can very smoothly avoid this by joining a carpool.
Even co-commuting with one other person halves your premium.
This, in turn, saves you a considerable amount of money.
o Pay as high a deductible as you can.
This will ensure a lower premium.
But all the above points fade when you get to know the best way to save money on an automobile insurance.
Just make sure that you purchase your policy over the Internet.
It is this simple method which goes on to save you the largest chunks of money.
Online car insurance is the best option for various reasons.
Some of them are:- o Online brokers offer you wholesale prices, because he cannot charge you overhead costs.
That's why your existing broker keeps this a carefully guarded secret.
Besides, when you consider all the competition there is for online brokering, you can understand the compulsion of the broker to cut prices to the bare minimum.
o Also, when you are purchasing your policy online, you don't have to contend with an annoying broker'sinterference and persuasion.
So, in conclusion, we can say that buying insurance policies over the Net is an excellent option.
It makes sure you get cheap auto insurance, which is fast and easily available.
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