Skin Disease in Rottweilers

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    • Staphylococcus intermetius is the most common type of bacterial or pyoderma infection. This type of infection is classified as surface, superficial or deep. A surface classification appears as a hot spot or skin fold rash on top of the skin. Superficial folliculitis can appear as whiteheads, crusts or scabs and cause hair loss. The last classification, deep, is when the infection appears as lesions, usually on the muzzle, face, feet or pressure points. When you first spot any type of a skin issue on your rottweiler, get it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.


    • Rottweilers can come in contact with several fungal infections. The most prevalent are ringworms and yeast. Ringworms appear as red circles with white centers. A yeast skin infection appears as red scaly skin that may look greasy. Yeast infections usually smell quite bad. Both types of fungal skin infections will be itchy and should be diagnosed by a veterinarian.


    • The two kinds of mange are demodectic and scarcoptic. Mites cause both types. Scarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies, will make the rottweiler's skin extremely itchy. This type of mange is extremely contagious to other dogs, cats and humans. Demodectic mange will cause excessive hair loss along with itching. For healthy dogs, their immune system should be able to fight this off. However, in dogs with an already compromised immune system or elderly dogs, demodectic mange can become severe. If you suspect your dog has mange, then wash all bedding in hot water and clean any area where your rottweiler usually lays.


    • The rottweiler can develop allergies to food, fleas or shampoos. This can cause the dog to scratch or seek out other ways of relieving the irritation. Be sure your dog does not have fleas. Consult your veterinarian about the best flea treatment for your rottweiler. If you suspect that a certain food might be causing the dog's allergies, then look for a food that does not have a lot of ingredients. Check your local pet store for specific food for dogs with allergies. Oatmeal shampoos made for dogs can also help calm a skin irritation, if the irritation is due to an allergy.

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