Participation in Indian Festivals and Fairs provides joy

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There are few countries in this world that have such a wide variety of fairs and festivals as India has. India is a country of destinations, cultures, and people of different faiths, dogmas and religions and thus you can say that this is a diverse nation where there is celebration everywhere. You feel wonderful when you participate in the celebrations of different communities, religions and races. It is really a feel of oneness and brotherhood. You cannot deny the fact that fairs in India is itself a celebration and you will really feel a sense of charm when you participate in these events.

India is a land where you have some wonderful festivals like Diwali, Dussera, Ramnavmi, Onam, Christmas, Buddha Poornima, Nanak jayanti, Independence Day, republic day, Gandhi jayanti and many more. Besides this, you can also participate in the fairs like Jaganath temple fair, the Diwali and Dussera fair, Pushkar fair and many more. India is a country where all the religions of the world are thriving together although Hinduism is considered to be the parent religion of this nation. Indian festivals and fairs provide a wonderful experience.

There is a craze of festival in India and some of the major festivals are public holidays. The people of Indian origin who do not live in this country like to come to this place to celebrate the festivals of joy and it is an experience they have missed in the previous years in a different country. Diwali is one of the main festivals of India and it is indeed called the festival of the nation. This festival is generally celebrated in the month of October and is also referred to as the festival of light and marks the victory over the evil. The Hindus honor bhagvaan Rama who killed the demon king Ravana and later returned to his birth place called Ajodhya. The festival is celebrated in his honor.

India has a second major population of Muslims and thus Eid is celebrated in the community with great fervor. There is a spirit of brotherhood in this festival and the whole country celebrates this with great pomp and show. Apart from this, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists too celebrate the festivals with great fervor and it is really an excitement to be present in all these wonderful events. Apart from wonderful festivals, you can participate in some o the wonderful fairs in India. India is a country where fairs and festivals go together. Before the main festivals are celebrated, there are fairs associated with them. One of them is the dussera fair and it is celebrated with fervor and there are people who participate in it.

Some of the major fairs in India are the Pushkar fair and the Jaganath temple fair. When you reach to the southern belt of the country, you can also participate in the Onam fair. Onam is considered to be one of the principal festivals of Kerala. Do not miss the camel race at Pushkar fair that attracts tourists from different parts of the world.
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