How to Reset the Hardware Password on a Dell Dimension 4700

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    • 1). Power down your computer and unplug all the wires connected to it.

    • 2). Open the computer's case. Typically, it's secured with a few screws, so you'll need to remove them before you're able to open it. Make sure you're grounded (touch something metallic or wear an anti-static bracelet) before doing this; you don't want any chance of static discharge.

    • 3). Find the CMOS password reset jumper on the motherboard (see References) and switch it to sit on pins 2 and 3, instead of 1 and 2.

    • 4). Replace your computer cover and reconnect all the wiring.

    • 5). Power on your computer.

    • 6). Shut down the computer after the system boots into your operating system. The password has been cleared.

    • 7). Disconnect all the wiring from your computer (ground yourself first), open your computer case and move the jumper to sit on pins 1 and 2 again.

    • 8). Close your computer's case, securing it with screws.

    • 9). Reconnect all wiring and power the computer back on.

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