Release: One-year Special Activity Regarding Cell Phones

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From March 14th, ekindom, a China electronics online store, starts its one-year discount on cell phones. It is another special activity, offering consumers more and better choices of cell phones at a lower price. 

This special activity named "Buy Fashion Phone For Your Friends" starts from March 14th this year to March 15th next year. Hundreds of cell phone products are on sale including kinds of cell phones such as watch cell phones, smart cell phones/PDAs, android touch cell phones, QWERTY cell phones, slide cell phones, flip cell phones and bar cell phones, and a wide range of interphones and accessories covering batteries, cases, earphones,gadgets,etc. The discounted products are said to be typical ones with certain features. And for each kind of goods, they choose the hot-selling ones and offer customers a certain discount for each product. 

This time, instead of a special activity page, they just mark the discount on the selected products in the category pages because it is considered as a promotion activity on a larger scale involving so many products. The special activities bar on the top of its home page features link to the category page. Likewise, the special activities bar on the top of the category home page links to "Touch Cell Phones on sale" "Interphones & Accessories, All the Best Sellers" "2012 Hot Sale, QWERTY Cell Phones Bargains" "Compare Low Prices on a variety of Smart Cell Phones" pages.

Customers can click the special activity image and get access to it, or they can click the cell phones category on the site navigation directly. Click on each category page included in the "cell phones" category, they can see the discount products marked with the discount customers can enjoy.

 "Lots of products are involved in this promotion. We sincerely hope customers can find the products after their own heart." the planner says, "However, we are sorry for the possible inconvenience of page turning. In fact, we have also taken it into account and listed the discounted hot products and new arrivals in the first page in its category, hoping to make it more convenient for customers to choose and have a nice shopping"  
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