How to Make Mortar Racks for Fireworks

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    • 1). Position two, 17-inch boards on edge, parallel, and 3 inches apart. Set the 12-inch boards perpendicularly between them so they stand on end and are 15 inches apart. Screw through the 17-inch boards and into the 12-inch boards. The corners should be flush. Use eight screws for this task.

    • 2). Screw the last two, 17-inch boards to the opposite ends of the 12-inch boards. The 17-inch boards should be parallel with their ends aligned on both sides. This is your mortar rack frame.

    • 3). Lay your plywood flat, and set your frame on the plywood so the 12-inch boards are perpendicular to the plywood, with their 3-by-12-inch surfaces flush with the 17-inch edges. The frame should be centered with the 17-inch boards 6 inches away from the corresponding edges of the plywood.

    • 4). Hold the frame on the plywood, and tilt it over on its side. Its position shouldn't change. Screw through the plywood and into the rack frame. Use eight screws for this task.

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