How Strong Is Monofilament Fishing Line?

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    Monofilament Ratings

    What to Use

    • For fresh water ponds or lakes, where bass, catfish, pickerel, perch and sunfish make up the catch; a 6- to 12-pound test monofilament line works well. For rivers and streams, use a monofilament with higher ratings because the water's current, rocks and branches create more potential for greater stress on the line. For salt water fishing, where the catch can be heavier and stronger, monofilament should be 60- to 100-pound test line or higher.


    • When deciding on what pound test monofilament line to use, remember that many anglers catch heavy fish on light pound test line. They do it through controlling the "drag" on the line at the reel. This prevents excessive strain on the line, and careful angling usually will bring in the fish. Heavier monofilament fishing line is more difficult to cast because it weighs more and is stiffer. Many prefer the agility offered with lighter pound test line, especially for shore fishing.

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