Banquet Table Centerpiece Ideas

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    Shining Candles

    • Candle arrangements add a touch of elegance and class. Use old or unused CDs to create a reflective base. Make sure they have at least one side without a label. Use five CDs per centerpiece. Set one CD in the center, with the other four around it in a circle, with the blank sides facing up. Add a thick round candle to the center of each CD, large enough to cover the holes in the middle. Use unscented candles to avoid competing with the aromas of the food being served. The color of the candles should reflect the theme of the banquet. Intertwine greenery around and between the candles. Tuck items into the greenery that reflect the theme of the event, such as candy canes for Christmas, or miniature footballs for a football award banquet.

    Themed Banquet

    • For a holiday-themed centerpiece, start with a shoe box. Cut it down to half the size and wrap it in decorative paper that suits the colors or theme of the event. Tuck the wrapping around and inside the edges of the box. Add greenery, tucking in symbols of the holiday or celebration. Flank this centerpiece with two tall candles in holders.

      For a sports-themed banquet, spread a small-sized jersey or team T-shirt in the center of the table. Add candles in team colors, and miniature versions of athletic equipment.

      For character, movie or mythical themes, place either a plain place mat or a mat with the theme of the evening in the center of the table. Add an assortment of books, hats, key chains, jewelry, etc. pertaining to the theme. Use the items as prizes throughout the evening.

    Go Green

    • Make the centerpieces environmentally friendly with real flowers and greenery. Start with a basket. Fill with greenery such as ivy and flowers reflective of the season. Avoid heavily scented flowers. Add in symbols of the reason for the banquet, such as sports items for a sports banquet, or holiday items such has a small pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving. You can also fill the basket with fresh fruit, or use potted plants in decorated containers that can be replanted later.

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