What Can You Do to Live a Greener Life?

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Living green is now a very well known phrase.
It seems that over the last five years the term is getting more popular.
Why all the buzz? Well there are many positives to living green, you can make money while preserving the environment.
Many families are cashing in on alternate energy sources.
They include but are not limited to solar power, wind, and water.
These resources are not the only thing that help the environment.
People have started using energy efficient appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, recycling their paper, aluminum, and plastics, using recycled building materials, and upgrading to energy efficient storm windows.
All of these are the more obvious things that are being done for our environment.
But did you know there are still a few other things you can do to help.
Save The Environment 1.
Unplug all unused electrical items or use an energy efficient surge protector.
If you leave your cell phone charges plugged in or everyday electronics plugged in when not in use they are still using electricity.
Recycle or refill your printer ink cartridges.
Some office supply businesses will give you a certain amount off of your purchase when you bring in a empty ink cartridge.
Recycle your old cell phones.
There are many charities that will refurbish them for the needy.
You can also request a recycle bag from your cell phone company.
They send them to be refurbished and ship them to soldiers so that they can keep in contact with their families back home.
When possible wash your laundry win cold water and line dry them if the weather permits.
Line drying is more environmentally friendly and also keeps clothes from shrinking and fading and saves you money on energy and clothing replacement.
Used recycled paper.
That will save a few more trees.
Reuse or recycle plastic grocery bags.
In many stores there are recycle boxes located at the front for you to place the used bags in.
Go paperless.
Tell the credit card company's that you want to receive your statements online.
Enroll in online banking.
Every tree counts! Stop Buying So Much Gas 1.
Get some exercise and save money gas by walking to short distance destinations or riding a bike.
The exercise will make you feel better and give you more energy.
So you are winning all the way around.
Something people have been doing for years to save money on gas is carpooling.
If your neighbors, friends or relatives are going to the same place or event ride together.
If everyone chips in a little for gas it will be cheaper for everyone.
There are also various resources that you can contact to find a carpool group.
Smaller cars that get better gas mileage are always best.
You will save a lot of money in one of these! Make Money Living Green 1.
Recycle aluminum and scrap metal for profit.
It may not be a lot of money but every little bit helps.
Refill your plastic water bottles.
Get a water filter that installs quickly to just about any faucet and then you will save money by not buying water at the store and you will save the plastic bottles from becoming landfill.
These are just a few examples of things that we can do to preserve our environment.
If everyone does their part we will be making progress a little at a time.
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