Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

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In recent years, remodeling your kitchen has become one of the most valuable and sought after home improvements.
It can help up the value of your home while creating a welcoming environment.
After all, most families spend a large majority of their time awake in their kitchen.
There are many ways to improve your kitchen without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on granite counter tops and stainless steel refrigerators.
Adding flowers to your kitchen can make it feel more cheery and welcoming.
It gives the feel of life and rejuvenation to what otherwise might be a drab kitchen.
In addition, flowers can provide a fragrance appealing to the most discerning person.
Updating kitchen hardware and utensils can also be a great way to make your kitchen appear slightly more modern.
Using stainless steel metal utensils and holders can tie a kitchen together into a consistent theme.
You can also take this one step further and replace existing hardware on cabinets and drawers to match.
Let's face it, the design experts on TV use that trip in almost every one of their renovations! If you have windows in your kitchen that might not have the best view, you can help create better scenery by using decorative window film.
This cheap alternative can help create a more welcoming environment and replace the view of your neighbors air conditioning unit.
And it's relatively easy to install for any homeowner, no matter how handy they are.
A simple spray bottle of water and a squeegee will do the trick.
The most obvious and probably the simplest way to update your kitchen is with a fresh coat of vibrant paint.
Paint is one of the most integral parts of a well updated room or kitchen and can often be what makes or breaks a renovation.
And if you're thinking you have to repaint your entire kitchen, you're wrong! Simply painting one wall can create a vibrant atmosphere and add depth to a room at very little cost and effort.
Finally, if you have children, a fun update for them is adding chalkboard paint to your kitchen.
Whether above the splash board or on a bare wall, you can paint on a chalkboard that your kids will love.
You can write notes to the kids, jot down your grocery list or create a work of art! So, before going out and completely overhauling your kitchen for thousands of dollars, take a few minutes to consider some cheaper options that will bring a great return on your money.
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