How to Make an Inverted Tomato Planter

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    • 1). Cut a 2-inch hole towards the bottom of a 2-liter soda bottle with a sharp craft knife. This hole will be used to add soil and to water your tomatoes.

    • 2). Drill an 1/8-inch hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle. If using a larger-sized eye hook, drill the hole to match the diameter of the hook.

    • 3). Thread the hook into the drilled hole in the bottom of the soda bottle.

    • 4). Paint the entire bottle with a coat of an opaque paint to prevent light from damaging the roots of your plants. If no paint is available, wrap the bottle in duct tape.

    • 5). Feed the roots of your young tomato plant through the bottle top, being careful not to damage or harm the root system in the process.

    • 6). Add a mixture of equal parts potting soil and perlite through the opening in the bottom of the bottle, filling it to the bottom of the cut-out. Water until the potting soil mix has a damp consistency.

    • 7). Hang the planter up by the eye hook in an area with ample sunlight. Water the plant everyday to keep the moist consistency of the soil. Excess water will drain out, so there is little risk of over-watering.

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