How to Freelance Until You Find the Right Job

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Your employer had downsized and more people are carrying boxes out the front door then ever.
Perhaps you are concern about your future employment as well.
It is never too late to prepare for changes in the work place.
Updating your resume and posting it on major job sites, anonymously of course, may be a good idea.
After you have accomplished these task, you may want to go a step further and familiarize yourself with the major Freelance sites on the web.
What better time to review your skills and the skills required of Freelancers in today's world job market.
?There is no shortage of Employers posting Freelance work projects online.
It may be necessary to take an online course or two to sharpen your skills in the area that you would like to freelance in.
But before, you enroll in a course, you will need to do a little research.
You will need to find out what Independent Employers are looking for in Freelancers.
You will also need to research what the average bids are for jobs you are interested in and determine ifyou can earn a decent living, until you find full-time employment? Once you have made the decision to Freelance always remember that the biggest mistake new Freelancers make, is giving up too soon.
Most newFreelancers earn very little in the beginning.
Before you can name your price and bid your worth on a job, you will need to build up an excellent Feedback Score.
A feedback score consist of the comments and ratings that previous clients have posted on the site about you and your work.
Usually you will need to bid low to get your first few jobs.
Once the client gets to know you, and your skill's set, they will hire you again and again.
This is when you can increase your hourly rate.
Employers or buyers of Freelance skills would much rather hire someone they know and have successfully completed projects with, then to go through the bidding process over and over.
Once a new freelancer makes it through this uncomfortable period of adjustment, they often times give up looking for a full-time job and start thinking about ways to find more clients.
Working for yourself is priceless.
Many Freelancers say they bid on 5 to 10 jobs a day, to ensure that work keeps coming in.
Other Freelancers work for one or two clients consistently, especially in the area of Business Development.
(These are the Freelancers who earn $10K a month)Freelancers who stick it out become home based business owners who receive the tax benefits of being self-employed.
The tax benefits are many and will be discussed in future articles.
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