Write For the Readers and Feed the Spiders

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A lot of article marketers get so caught up in getting the traffic from the search engines and good rankings for keywords they forget that their actual target in the end is the reader and enticing them to do whatever action you have chosen.
You want the good rankings in the search engines, to get more traffic, more people looking at your site.
So learn to write for the reader and the spiders will follow.
Forget the keywords.
Google's algorithm is unknown to all, except those that actually work for them, so stop trying to game the system.
If you write using normal language that you would in every day conversations about your topic you will find that not only do you write a better article, but you also end up adding in those keywords and doing LSIkeywording without realizing it.
And this makes it better on both ends.
Write more often.
If you keep your site posting regularly the spiders will come to your site more without you searching for them.
You are placing spider food that screams, new content here, come check it out.
And the more those little spiders are on your sites, the more readers that will follow.
So just keep on writing and the traffic will come.
Step outside the writer hat.
Look at it from the customer side of things.
If you were looking for a product or information on something, how would you want it served to you.
Some niches prefer short little tip articles, other you can write long winded articles and they will still eat it up.
Test your niche and find out what works.
So stop writing for the spiders and start writing.
Readers follow the spiders and spiders follow content.
Is your content spider food, or good quality content your readers actually want to read.
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