Six Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

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Web design is very important in building your web sites particularly if your primary aim is to generate income from your web pages.
In putting a web site, design should be properly planned and crafted accordingly.
Here are some mistakes that you should avoid in web design.
Use of Flash plug-in to play all website content Some websites like to entertain their visitors by using flash contents in their site but not all readers appreciates flash contents as some don't have the flash plug-in to play the file.
Requiring them to download a flash plug-in may not also solve the problem as most readers are wary of downloading especially if they all just want to do is surf so instead of using their time to download your plug-in, they will just go to the next available site who offers the same content that you have without using flash plug-in.
If you can avoid too much use of flash plug-in the better for your web development.
Use of links that open in another window It is really annoying to readers that a new window will pop up every time they open a link to your site and if you design your site to be like this, no visitor will likely to stay long.
Remember, online readers don't like to open too many windows for just one web site as most likely they are also visiting not just your site but other interesting sites as well.
Small frames Using small frames while your readers are reading through a small window.
Basically, small frames are eye straining and annoying to readers so if you use small frames, visitors will leave your site and look for another readable and friendly looking site.
Links not properly working Links should be placed in areas where visitors will likely to see them and make sure that these links are working properly.
There are some websites that will direct you from another web site to another site and then to another before you get to see the download or order button.
This technique is not effective as this irritate your viewers forcing them to look for another site.
When you have links, make sure that they will really direct the viewer to the topic they are looking and not just to a site that is totally unrelated to their query.
Background color and font color You can create different web design depending on what you really like but if you will observe, popular web sites like Yahoo and Microsoft still uses white background and black fonts.
White background and black fonts make web site readable but this does not mean you cannot have a colorful website.
You can try using other background colors and font colors however; you have to choose background colors that will not partly cover the texts that you have posted.
Graphics or sounds that are annoying Web design is does not just depend on images or sounds.
Graphics and sounds should be chosen accordingly as they might attract or repel visitors to your site.
Avoid using graphics that are too slow to display and sounds that are instead of entertaining annoys the readers.
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