Top 20 Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 Tricks and Tips for Beginners

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11. Paragraph Formatting

Refine the structure of individual paragraphs or several at a time, from spacing to indents.More »

12. Numbering, Bulleting, and SmartArt

Lists of information can add clarity to your documents. Here's how to create several different kinds. You can also turn lists into graphical diagrams called SmartArt. These are easy to incorporate, and add a lot of polish to your Microsoft Office documents.More »

13. Styles and Headings

Styles and Headings create a topical outline that can be used a few different ways. This is the smart way to organize a Microsoft Office document.More »

14. Find and Replace

This tool allows you to search for terms, or even replace them. This is particularly useful if you need to replace multiple instances of a term. It can really save you time.More »

15. Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translator, Spell Check, and Grammar Check

Find definitions, synonymns, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and more with these editing tools. Some dictionary entries even include an audio pronunciation guide.More »

16. Saving Options

You actually have a lot of options when it comes to saving your documents.More »

17. Page Setup Options

The entire page layout of your document deserves design consideration, including orientation and margins.More »

18. Share with Social Media Including Flickr and Facebook

Bring in images from social media accounts or share Office documents as social media posts.More »

19. Share Online or by Email Using Private or Public Links

You can share documents online with a link to send to those who may or may not have Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365. These can be set to public or a private group.More »

20. Print Options & Screenshots

Printing your document can be customized in a variety of ways, from settings for the actual printer to printing only certain pages. As a bonus tip, you may be able to save paper in some situations by instead Taking a Screenshot in Microsoft Office, which you can then share or save.More »
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