How to Make a Seahorse Diorama

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    • 1). Remove the lid from the shoebox and set it aside for another craft project. Turn the shoebox on its side.

    • 2). Paint the inside walls and ceiling of the shoebox with blue paint to represent the color of the ocean. Paint the bottom of the shoebox with sand-colored paint to represent the bottom of the ocean.

    • 3). Glue small shells, pieces of coral and seagrass to the bottom of the diorama. If you don't have a local beach from which to collect these ocean items, you can make a model of them out of clay.

    • 4). Create two seahorses. Cut them out of a magazine, print out pictures of them or mold them out of clay. Hang them from the top with string.

    • 5). Add little shrimps and some fish larvae to the diorama. Seahorses feast on shrimp and fish larvae. Print out pictures of them or make them out of clay.

    • 6). Cover the front of the diorama with a sheet of blue cellophane to give the appearance that the seahorse scene is taking place under the sea.

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