Weighted Walking Vests

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Weighted walking vests are a great way to increase your effort while you are out walking and burning off those calories quickly.
By wearing a weighted walking vest you can achieve a good workout over a shorter distance.
Weighted vests are now an essential accessory to everyone who is serious about getting fit and the modern weighted vests are very comfortable to wear and cheap to buy.
A weighted walking vest is simply a special designed vest that fits comfortably on your body and contains weights.
Don't think big heavy weights, the weights are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and you just push them into specially designed pouches on the vest.
This means you can increase or decrease the weight of the vest.
The modern vests are designed to ensure the weight is distributed evenly around the body so no excess stress is placed in one area.
If you think wearing a weighted walking vest will be uncomfortable you'd be wrong.
The modern vests are not bulky and fit snugly on the body.
They are not like army flak jackets and are used today by virtually anyone engaged in fitness training.
You can wear one for any activity to increase the intensity of your workout.
Golfing, walking, running, martial arts training or just doing the housework, I wear mine for cycling and notice the difference when I take it off.
The idea of the vest is simple but very effective.
By increasing your body weight you are forced to work harder thus increasing your stamina.
One of the wonderful advantages of wearing a weighted walking vest is when you take it off after weeks of wearing it.
Because you have trained your body to carry the extra weight once you remove the vest you feel very light and your fitness and cardio strength has increased so much that it's like walking on air.
After training with a weighted vest you will increase your stamina to tackle the long strenuous walks with ease.
I've grown so used to mine that I even wear it when I take the dog out, it's become a part of my life.
I cycle with it on so I can enjoy the feeling of lightness when I remove it.
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