Bistro Chef Decor

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    Garcon Bistro Chef Kitchen Accessories

    • A fat chef with handlebar mustache appears on a variety of kitchen accessories such as a bread tray, canape plates, cookie jar, canister set and dip bowl. The same jolly image appears on mugs, salt and pepper shaker sets, platters, wine coolers and soup bowls, cheese plates and ice cream bowls so that you can coordinate the look in your kitchen.

    Kitchen Decor

    • The bistro chef theme typically has black and white as background colors with punches of red. Bistro chefs may look like fat chefs, gourmet cooks or garcons and be Italian or French. Add fat chef tea towels and potholders. Enjoy as many chef items as you wish in your kitchen for the overall look, but avoid overcrowding your countertop space which you need for food preparation.

    Fat Chef Bar and Game Room Decor

    • The chef theme may also be appropriate for bar/game rooms in addition to kitchens. Consider fat chef bar stools, wine glass holder figurines, a fat chef holding a corkscrew, chef wall clock, fat chef paper towel holder and napkins. Alternatively, other bistro chef items include a figurine carrying a wine bucket or pushing a wine cart.

    Fat Chef Figurines

    • Decorate any room with collectible items such as fat chef figurines in different poses that come in table-top sizes to seven-foot-tall novelty items. Fat chef figures can be seen typically holding up a chalkboard menu, carrying a serving tray or holding a bottle of wine. Add posters of fat chefs on the walls.

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