How to Replace the Brake Switch on a 1996 Acura TL

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    • 1). Open the hood on your Acura TL and loosen the negative battery cable. Remove the cable from the negative post.

    • 2). Locate the brake light switch mounted near the top of your brake pedal underneath the dashboard. Unplug your Acura TL's wiring plug from the back of the brake light switch.

    • 3). Squeeze your Acura's brake pedal flange with the needle-nose pliers to remove it. Slip the old switch off and put the new one on. Reinstall the new switch on the brake pedal and replace the flange to hold it in place.

    • 4). Plug the wiring socket back into the rear of your Acura TL's new brake light switch.

    • 5). Reconnect your Acura's negative battery cable with your socket set.

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