A Closer Look to Junk Food

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Food is important for the body. It is the source of energy and nutrients. It can give useful minerals and vitamins used by the different body parts to work well. There are times when eating becomes bad. Excessive fats can form eventually causes serious illnesses. Junk food is one of the groups of food that does not give nutrients and even no nutritional value. Yet, with the information given for consumers still more people eat it. A closer look into junk food will give us idea and reason to forget junk foods.

Types of junk food

It is also known as convenient food since they are ready to eat and some are ready to cook food. Usually, these are in the form of chips. It is artificially flavoured with salt and cheese. It comes in different shape and taste. Some claim to have sugar and salt in it but still it gives no good effect to the body. Another type of this group of food is food usually served in fast foods. Most of the food is deep-fried like burgers, chicken and hotdog. The method of cooking makes the food to have fatter and it is not good for consumption. It usually causes health risks to heart, blood and nerves. Drinks that have too much caffeine content are also included in the group of junk foods. Aside from this content, they also have high sugar content which is not good for the body. Enough sugar will be converted into energy but too much will definitely have adverse effect to the body.

Effect of too much salt and sugar

These foods have abundant salt. It is scientifically known as sodium. It serves as electrolyte that helps the circulation of blood in the body. Necessarily, this element must be proportion with the consumption of the potassium to have better effects. The equalizer of salt is fruits that are rich in potassium to produce energy and help in the circulation of blood. If one eats more junk food, there is a possibility to have more salt in the body. It causes higher risk of having kidney failure and increase in uric acid.

Sugar is important in producing energy to be used by the body. There are different sources of sugar such as rice and bread. If more sugar will be taken it will increase the danger of having diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension. This is not ideal at all. And when more junk food will be taken, more sugar will be stored in the body forming fats. It is necessary to watch the intake of food to monitor the intake of every part of the food pyramid is taken in balance.

Illnesses caused by eating too much junk food

First on the list is obesity because the additional sugar is left in the body and form into fats. Heart diseases are next since the fats form can block the arteries. They block the nerves and obstruct the smooth circulation of blood in the body. And when more fats block the nerves and arteries it is the root of mild strokes. It affects as well the production of insulin causing diabetes.

It is important to be very careful in choosing the right food. Choose foods that are nutritious and helpful to the body to stop the cause of health disorders. It is better to prevent them before it is too late.

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