Purchasing Guide For Cect Cell Phones.

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There is no doubt that CECT phones have a competitive value
on the mobile phone market, with the inexpensive price and rich features presented,
most of the CECT cell phones are considered as the Iphone clones, so you dont
need to worry about the design, because its always big touch screen, one button
control, nice phone menu and some other iphone like features.
More and more people are aware of the CECT cell phones, more
searches per day, and more products are putting on the internet. There are something
you should consider before buying a CECT cell phone.
1. Warranty Issue: CECT phone is manufactured by a leading
domestic manufacturers of mobile handsets in China. So its considered as the
imported cell phone by other countries, you can buy it easily on eBay or online
stores, but not a local phone store around your area. So the warranty issue
is what you should consider at first, most seller offer 1 year warranty issue.

2. Games, software and firmware: CECT cell phones are not PDA, so there is no
mobile OS installed like Symbian and Windows Mobile. So you cant install software
on it. And the firmware is not updatable as well, unlike IPHONE, the firmware
can be updated easily. CECT cell phones didnt come with this feature, so when
you got the CECT phone on hand, you should understand that you cant install
software, applications and games on it, and the firmware is not updatable too,
scalability is almost impossible.

There are many CECT phone models up to now, choose what you really need after
reading the specifications, and consider the GSM frequency and warranty issue
for the phone before you make a purchase.

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