10 Reasons to Learn Fluent Spanish

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Reason # 10 You love music, especially music with a native beat.
It just makes you want to move your feet.
Although your friends are into more modern music, you have to admit you really find Casals's cello pieces and Segovia's guitar solos very relaxing.
Reason # 9You love to dance.
The music to blare and you can't help it - your hips start to sway and your feet start to move.
Let's face it, you've got rhythm.
You want to mambo, cha-cha, salsa, even tango.
Just reading this makes you tap your feet.
Reason # 8 You're an aficionado of Spanish movies, and you would really enjoy watching them without having to read the distracting, poorly translated subtitles.
Reason # 7 You're an artist at heart.
You long to spend time at El Prado.
Picasso's Guernice brings tears to your eyes.
You truly are a cultured person, and the Spanish speaking world has a lot to offer.
Reason # 6You definitely are not money-hungry, but you'd like to improve your chances in the job market.
With so many fields open today, a knowledge of Spanish is a real plus.
Reason # 5You want to live in a warm climate, and the countries in Spanish American have a lot to offer.
The landscape is beautiful and the people are friendly.
The food is delicious and you wont need an expensive winter wardrobe.
Reason # 4You love to cook.
You want to learn how to make an authentic paella valenciana or a truly hot and spicy salsa picante.
Reason # 3You hate to cook but you love to eat, and you like everything hot and spicy.
You can plan your next vacation accordingly.
Reason # 2You want to prove to yourself that you are smart.
Foreign languages have always had the reputation of being impossible to learn.
Reason # 1You're a traveler.
You want to see the world and all it has to offer, so you make sure you never go to the same place twice on vacation.
Spanish is spoken by more than 20 countries.
you have a lot of trips ahead of you!
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