How to Troubleshoot Windows Media Center That Stops Recording

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    • 1). Open the "Recording Options" menu, and make sure the set recording time is as long as the program you'd like to record. The time should be in 00:00:00 format, where the first set of "00s" denotes hours, then minutes, then seconds.

    • 2). Ensure the TV recorder is set to begin recording at the time the program you'd like to watch is actually scheduled to begin; if it starts early, it will appear to "cut out" early in the middle of the program.

    • 3). Check the hard drive, and make sure there's enough free memory space for your shows. Windows Media Center will simply stop recording if it runs out of space.

    • 4). Check the restrictions of a show to see if the broadcaster only allows half the show to be recorded.

    • 5). Ensure that your TV signal is strong and consistent. If not, Windows Media Center might be losing signal in the middle of a broadcast, causing it to shut down the recording operation.

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