A Paid Presentation for Focus

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I promise you can get there were going to for sure to take your you to do it no matter what happens to use of but you could do it Moscow got to keep pushing yeah sports restaurants you got go cool guy 5 for 3 soon Space com not yet cover the greater good of you yeah that's right visitors come on yeah use the most important thing here too feet the for you the some soon back to sweet from just dress to impress his vision featured High view yeah this yeah 4 you the go 58-56 here this is it this is a decision to charge the with got this three stay motivated she go good for on yeah on the yeah said why yeah sexy to that's a pretty hard and take your walls 1000 texts yeah that's.

What the folks that a look at what I want feel came out there severing do you do today got the Configured out to distract some more important things you need to know this you want a jury tons of porn if times what you were talking if this is your first name congratulations that's making a second date taken over to the right side streets are you doing up to people at home see you tomorrow okay the where to go well the following is a paid presentation for focus t 25 brought to you by Beach body that stuff out time top the number one reason people have for not working out if they don't have time I have four kids work 60 70 hours a week I don't want to work out for now are you kidding me I don't have the time you time to work out no problem introducing bogus t 25 the breakthrough came home fitness program guaranteed to deliver over an hour's results in only 25 minutes t 25 was created by guy who knows a thing or two about in same results super trainer Shone are creating vanity so I know what it's like to work out hard for now.

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I know everyone doesn't have that much time that's why our creativity 25 are you getting same results in just 25 minutes only 25 minutes a day five days a week 0 excuses cities are working out for an hour are done it short it's sweaty and the results are ridiculous I've lost 37 pounds I think I got the six pack I was looking for and I see the before pictures I can't believe it's me if you give me 25 minutes I'll give you a life you're going to go and you're going to go hard and then you can be done I lost 30 time pounds in 10 weeks this witty 25 did for me with t 25 you getting all high-intensity cardiac strength training: tank or training all in just 25 minutes 25 minutes to get ripped to get abs lose the baby weight loss the muffin top six pack heat pack look better feel better Potter six-year all you need is a little space and 25 minutes a day 2025 supplies last literally get everything you need to get it done in just 25 minutes a day whatever we're constantly did this come this way 25 minutes yeah you have to focus do you think everything you can to be so you can do anytime you can save $20 $30 $25 a week 280-pound where 158 now so both 30 pounds I lost 16 pounds.

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