How to Speed Up My Clearwire Connection

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    • 1). Contact Clearwire about your Internet speed to see if there is a problem with your connection (see Resources). Clearwire provides 24-hour service. Check with the company for errors before altering the speed on your own. You may want to update your Internet package to a faster speed.

    • 2). Adjust your browser settings. Update your Internet browser to the latest version and change its settings to help the Internet run smoother. For example, install a pop-up blocker, delete unused downloads or disable certain pictures and videos.

    • 3). Protect your wireless Internet connection by making it a secured network. If your network is unsecure, neighbors or businesses can use your wireless Internet, causing more traffic, which makes an Internet connection slower. Change your connection to secure and come up with a key or password to protect it.

    • 4). Get a high-quality router. A free router from the Clearwire Company may not provide you with the best connection. By purchasing a higher quality router and setting it up with your Internet network, you will have a better signal and a stronger firewall.

    • 5). Reduce your bandwidth usage. A lot of applications start to use an Internet connection when the computer is turned on, even if you are not using the application. Programs such as emails, instant messaging programs and music players may be stalling your Internet connection when it is unnecessary. Access you task manager on your computer and see what is currently running in the Applications tab. If there are programs running that you are not currently using, disable the automatic connection.

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