How to Make a Beyblade Launcher

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    • 1). Identify a cylinder to form the axis upon which the Beyblade is launched. This can be a marker with the drawing tip removed, the shell of a lip balm container or any other cylindrical item.

    • 2). Cut a hole in another object big enough for the cylinder piece to fit through. The piece the cylinder fits through could be a toilet paper roll, for example. Don't just insert the cylinder through the hollow portion of the toilet paper roll, because the cylinder will fall out too easily. The hole you cut needs to be big enough for the cylinder to rotate freely in, but not so big that a washer, which you will fit onto one end of the cylinder in a later step, will fall through the hole as well. Tape the housing together for the object you've found if you had to use multiple pieces, but do not glue the cylinder. Again, it needs to be free-rolling.

    • 3). Glue one end of the cylinder piece to the component from an old Beyblade launcher that snaps to the Beyblade. This component is essential to attach your Beyblade to your homemade launcher.

    • 4). Connect a homemade washer piece to the end of the cylinder on the opposite side of the Beyblade connecting end. The washer attaches to the free-rolling cylinder so it doesn't fall out of the housing assembly. The washer piece needs to be big enough so the cylinder can't fall through the hole into which it is inserted. For example, make the washer piece by wrapping a lot of tape around the free end of the cylinder, gluing a plastic jar cap to the cylinder's end, or using a real washer if you have one.

    • 5). Tape a handle onto your new launcher. Make the handle from a used paper towel roll or a tool such as a wrench. Use enough tape so that the handle and the housing for the axis are well connected.

    • 6). Tape one end of the ripcord to the side of the cylinder that has the Beyblade attachment piece. The ripcord can just be a long piece of string or the ripcord from an old launcher. The ripcord should be at least 3 feet long so that you can create enough torque, or rotational force, on the cylinder to launch the Beyblade powerfully . Wrap the other end of the ripcord around a holder piece, such as a small pencil or key chain ring.

    • 7). Wind the ripcord tightly around the cylinder. Snap the Beyblade to the attachment piece. Hold the launcher with one handle and pull forcefully on the ripcord with the other. The rotational force will fling the Beyblade off the attachment, sending it into a spinning-top duel.

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