Aion Online Level Guide - Fast XP For Noobs And Pros

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I know that for a pro, using a guide to play a game might sound outrageous, but sometimes it's quite helpful.
I don't consider myself a pro gamer, but every time I start a new MMO game I try to finish my character as fast as possible to get involved in the end game content of that game.
So, because I didn't have time to waste with my leveling in Aion online, for a quick progress in the celestial world of Atreia, I took in an Aion online level guide.
I know you're asking yourself, how can an Aion online level guide help a pro gamer, that knows everything about anything? Here are a few answers.
No matter how good you are or how much gameplay experience you have with a certain MMO, a guide will always remind you about a chain of quests that you just forgot.
It can reveals areas that you omitted so far and even tell you about quest items dropped by certain mobs you had no knowledge of.
As I didn't know much about the universe of Aion, and you may say that I was a little newbie for this game, the Aion online level guide brought into my view a nicely done quest path.
This way I was able to connect the obvious quests with other quests hidden from the common eye and complete more than 3-4 at one time.
This, of course, was quite an XP boost.
A very important thing to get a maximum of XP in this MMO from quests is to keep them close to your level.
Fortunately, this guide has this aspect covered as well.
If you've been playing this game, I'm pretty sure that you've became aware that questing is not enough for passing from level to level, at least for the higher levels of this game.
So, there's grinding to be done.
This Aion online level guide provided me with all the info I needed on manastones, stigmas, elixirs, potions, armors and weapons to squeeze the best of my toon on the grinding sessions.
In conclusion, noob or pro gamer, an Aion online level guide can always come handy.
Why look on 10 sites and never find the answers you need for certain content of the game? Therefore, if you're having trouble with your leveling, here's a link for the great Aion Online level guide I've been following.
It works 100% and I strongly recommend it to anyone.
So, do you wish to level up like a pro in Aion: Tower of Eternity?
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