Why You Should Buy a Lot of Toys For Your Cat

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Nowadays there are a lot of toys available for your pets.
They came in all colors, shapes and sizes, so that you can always find something interesting for your pet.
And if you thought only dogs would enjoy toys, well, guess what? You were wrong, because cats love toys just as much as dogs do.
Even though you were convinced that cats are solitary, independent and do not like being disturbed by anybody, things are not quite like that.
Cats love to be in company of their peers or even in company of humans.
When you keep your cat indoors, she may get bored and even depressed because of the lack of activity and company she gets.
To prevent this from happening you should keep her busy by buying her new toys which will keep her busy for a long time.
Just like children, kittens get easily bored with the toys they have, so you should buy them new ones periodically.
If you want to stir their interest, you can buy more toys at once, but give them to her gradually.
She will be so busy inspecting the new toys that she will not be affected by the long time she spends inside or by the periods when you are out.
Toys are also very good when it comes to strengthening your relationship with the cat.
You can choose one or several toys she likes best and play together.
This will bring you two closer and will make her trust you more.
In addition to those small toys, you should think about building a device where the cat can climb, so that she remains fit even if you are keeping her indoors most of the times.
You can make such a device all by yourself, at home, or you can buy an already made on from the pet shop.
Toys are a great way to keep your cat happy.
Yet, they cannot replace other cats or a walk outside, so make sure that you both buy her toys and let her socialize with other cats.
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