Packing On The Pounds When You Are Skinny - You Must Follow One Vital Ingredient For Success

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If you happen to be one of the people who has been underweight throughout their life, then you know better than anyone how hard it gaining weight can be. Sure, nobody is going to call you "fatty" or "lardo", but there are plenty of insults thrown towards those who are skinny. One of the big problems in such cases is that it's actually easier for you to lose weight than it is to gain it. Is it really that hard to learn how to gain weight with a fast metabolism []?

However, being called names like "string bean", "walking stick" and "twig" are often a good motivator to take gaining weight more seriously. What people normally do at this point is to simply eat more than they are currently eating. But, this tends to be less than effective because a lot of underweight people already eat more than the average person anyway, and it's their metabolism that keeps burning off the calories they take in.

Soon they realize that eating more isn't the answer, so they go to the news stand and find a muscle building magazine sporting a muscle-bound weightlifter on the cover. Rushing home they find an exercise program that promises results to bulk you up. The catch, however, is that these exercises are for people who are already of an average weight or higher, and aren't effective for those who are underweight.

Why do all of these weight gaining programs fail? To be blunt, it's because they are created by people who have never had a problem with being skinny. Just a little bit of thought will tell that it makes much more sense to follow advice from somebody who has been there. To follow weight gaining advice from somebody who has gone from being underweight to putting on the pounds is the best way to go. So, before you subscribe to any program, try to find out what qualifies them to give you advice.

Here's the thing, you don't have to continue to be skinny! You can end the name calling and build confidence in the way you look just by doing what someone in your shoes has already done.
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