How to Create Radio Buttons With HTML Programming

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    • 1). Start the word processor or text editor that you will use to create your web page. Between the <FORM> AND </FORM> tags, type <INPUT TYPE=“radio”. Next press the space bar.

    • 2). Type NAME=“?” Replace the question mark with the word that will describe the group of radio buttons you want to create. Press the space bar. If you want to specify the information for one radio button, type VALUE= “?”>. Replace the question mark with the word that will describe the radio button.

    • 3). Type the text that you want to appear beside the radio button on your page. For each radio button you wish to make, repeat Steps 1 to 3 and insert <BR> before each command. Your text should look like the following example:<INPUT TYPE= “radio” NAME=“name” VALUE= “name2”>Check here</FORM>

    • 4). Open a new web browser to verify that your web page displays the radio buttons correctly. Test the button and verify that you are able to select your menu options. To open your web page in the browser, click the File button along the menu bar, then click Open. The open dialog box appears. Click Browse to locate your web page in the location where it is saved. Choose the web page you wish to open. Your web page will appear in the browser.

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