Stop Your Snoring By Trying Natural Remedies Without The Snoring Aides

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Snoring is a common sleep disorder that affects more men than women. Men over the age of 40 as well as being overweight are most prone to snoring. Snoring by itself has no immediate threat to your life, but leaving it untreated for a prolong period can pose severe health complications in for you and your spouse. Most common effects of snoring is the drop in energy level throughout the day, or day time fatigue. Snorer are also known to be easily tired than those who do not snore. Although right now there are many cures and remedies to help you stop snoring, some of them can be expensive and some potentially risky.

How do you effectively prevent snoring?

Snoring mouthpieces, CPAP machine are popular ways to prevent your snoring at night. But bear in mind that these devices can make your sleeping somewhat uncomfortable, also it is costly to own these machines. Whilst it prevents you from snoring, you could be losing sleep throughout the night due to not being able to sleep comfortably. And thus lead back to the same problem as when you are snoring. Another way is to undergo surgical procedure that will help elimintae your snoring. Costs and most notably the risk factors involved should be carefully calculated first before deciding this drastic course of action.

There are other natural remedies that are known to have successfully prevented snoring. Simply by changing your life style, or practicing the stop snoring exercise that aimed at tackling root cause can help with your snoring. There are advantages of these treatments as they are generally cheaper and more permanent compared to surgical procedure or snoring aides.

Why do I snore?

Major reason why people snore is because of a blocked nasal pathway, thus needing them to breathe through the mouth at night. Given that snoring is a telling sign of breathing problems, how you open up your nasal pathways before sleep and throughout the day can definitely help in preventing snoring. Try avoiding certain type of foods before you sleep. High fat dairy products such as a glass of full fat milk are knonwn to clog up your nasal passage; therefore avoid taking any of these products before bedtime will generally help you breathe better at night. You should also avoid drinking any full fat soy milk products. Opt for skim milk or none-fat alternatives instead.

Alcohol and cigarettes consumption right before sleep will also contributes to your snoring. These substances are a type of relaxant. Consuming them before bedtime will over relax your muscles in the mouth area excessively; thus causing a relaxed tongue to drop into the throat and hindering your proper breathing path. Leaving you to snore excessively throughout the night.

Essential oil also helps prevent snoring. Place a jar of marjoram oil and leave the cover open in your room at night will help you breathe easier. Alternatively, place a drop or two directly below the nostrils also promotes better breathing pattern. Consult an aroma therapist to find out which blend of essential oil can help you prevent snoring.

Another simple home remedy is the softness of your pillow. Try sleeping on a firmer pillow or sleeping without a pillow at all and see if it help with your snoring. Elevated head will help you unblock or unclog your nasal pathway.

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