Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Marlena’s Townhouse

Lucas is there after hearing from Will that Sami adopted a baby. He refers to it as bull and implores her to tell him who that baby really is. “She’s my daughter,” states Sami. Lucas is dubious, reminding her that she’s told a lot of untrue stories before. Sami wonders if he really thinks she’d lie about something like this. “Yeah, I do. I think you went into Witness Protection because you were pregnant with E.J.’s baby, and you didn’t want him to find out,” theorizes Lucas.

Sami insists that the baby is hers and E.J.’s. Lucas assures her that he understands why she’s hiding the baby from E.J. if it is a DiMera. Sami continues to claim that E.J.’s baby died. Lucas notes how she can’t even look him in the eye and insists that she’s living a lie. He admits that he cares about her and encourages her to open up about what’s going on, promising not to tell a soul.

Sami rehashes what she recently went through during her time in the WPP and coming back home dealing with Grace. Lucas refers to Grace as a beautiful name. Sami realizes that she and Lucas have had their ups and downs, but knows she can count on him. She admits how much she missed Johnny and Allie the whole time she was gone, but she wasn’t worried about Allie, since she knew Lucas would take care of her. Lucas questions if it was really the time to make such a huge decision about adoption if she really did lose the baby. Sami insists that this baby needs her love and can’t understand why everyone is having such a hard time accepting that.

“Everyone except Rafe,” she adds. Lucas remarks how Rafe is the one who thinks he’s qualified to lecture Will on how to treat her. “So that’s why you’re here,” deduces Sami. Lucas surmises that she’s fallen for her bodyguard and refers to it as “Stockholm Syndrome.” An annoyed Sami tells him that he’s welcome to go back to his honeymoon anytime. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on!” he affirms.

Lucas questions if Rafe’s story would back hers if he was to call the former FBI agent right now. Sami urges Lucas to go right ahead and call Rafe. Lucas rehashes how he’s backed Sami on so many lies and assumes that Rafe probably has the cover story down. Sami dares him to go ahead and call E.J. Lucas picks up a crying Grace and marvels how beautiful she is, then notes how she doesn’t look like Sami or E.J.

Lucas emerges from the bedroom and remarks how Allie and Johnny are excited about having a little sister. Sami smiles how Lucas hasn’t lost his touch, noting how Grace is calmed down and mellow. “Putting girls to sleep, that’s my specialty,” he jokes, which makes Sami laugh. She wonders if he’s thinking about having kids with Chloe. Lucas says Chloe really likes Allie. Sami promises to try to see the good in Chloe and just wants Lucas to be happy. Lucas kisses Sami on the cheek and tells her to call if she needs any backup. Sami jokingly wonders why she would need backup with three kids under the age of three.

Sami later reads a bedtime story to Allie and Johnny on the couch. She cuddles with them and professes to love them, assuring them that she’s home.

Horton Cabin

Chloe arrives home and is relieved when Lucas isn't there. She has a pregnancy test and prays that she’s not pregnant, but if she is, she hopes it’s Lucas’s baby. She puts her pregnancy test back in her purse when she hears a knock at the door, then answers it to Kate, who believes she should’ve called first since Chloe would’ve probably asked her to stay away. Chloe invites her in and assures her new mother-in-law that she’s always welcome in their home. Kate implies how she has a proposition for Chloe, then embraces her.

Kate insists that she needs to make amends and wants to make sure that this marriage works. She states her intention to help Chloe and Lucas with their future problems. “I am going to make you a star. You’re going to make a meteoric rise to the top,” declares Kate before she hugs Chloe.

Chloe jokingly wonders if Kate is going to build her an opera house. After some brief joking around, Kate states that she’s going to make Chloe a star of a Hearth & Home TV show. She suggests that they produce a talk show which would feature their products, and the hostess would be Chloe. Chloe smiles how it’s April Fool’s Day and says Kate almost had her. Kate insists that she’s “deadly serious.” She refers to Chloe as a delightful conversationalist, and all she has to do is be herself. Chloe says she’s not feeling so well right now and would prefer to discuss it tomorrow. Kate encourages her to get some rest and call if she needs anything.

Kate accidentally knocks Chloe’s purse on the ground and sees the pregnancy test. She flashes back to seeing Daniel and Chloe kissing in the park. “Chloe no. For God sakes, tell me you’re not pregnant,” urges Kate, who questions what it’s for. “Can you say private and personal?” responds Chloe. Kate asks Chloe what makes her think she’s pregnant. Chloe says she hasn’t been feeling well lately. Kate implores her to see a doctor. Chloe says she will, but she wanted to take the test first before she talked to Lucas. “Or Daniel?” asks Kate, who quickly apologizes, claiming she forgot that he wasn’t her doctor anymore. Kate implies to Chloe how a pregnancy would ruin everything. “No, Kate. A child wouldn’t ruin everything. Lucas and I would love to have a baby,” retorts Chloe. Kate claims she’s just worried about Chloe, then complains to herself how she would have to postpone her plans for her daughter-in-law. Chloe tells her not to worry and assures her that she’ll let her know when she finds out something, after she talks to Lucas. Meddling Kate refuses to go anywhere until she knows how the test comes out.

Chloe is in the bathroom and Lucas soon arrives home and accuses his mom of crashing the honeymoon. “She’s taking a pregnancy test,” reveals Kate. Kate claims she’s scared and begins to jump to conclusions about Chloe’s health, recalling how she went through the whole bone marrow process. Chloe soon emerges from the bathroom and Kate anxiously asks if she’s pregnant or not.
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